• Jacqueline Jones - Ikiua


#supportlocal is the phrase that has taken flight.

As you scroll social media or tune into the news this is what you will read or hear!

How did you get on, week one into level 3 of Covid-19, did takeaways get the better of you? Or have you paced yourself, promising to support a 'local' once a week.

A two hour wait in a fast food drive through does not entertain the taste-buds one bit. Supporting local is supporting your neighbourhood cafe, restaurant, small takeaway joint - championing the good ol' chow mein.

Supporting local is not putting your hard earned dollars into a global fast food joint, for a quick eats fix. The global fast food joint will be around when the hard times are over however your neighbourhood cafe, restaurant or small takeaway joint may not be.

Agree to disagree if you'd like #supportlocal

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